Welcome to MARSOLA Accounting Office.

Our primary goal is to provide professional, comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses, so as to reduce their contact with tax authorities and other official institutions. The only thing our clients need to do is to prepare their documents for us. To save our clients’ time, we offer collecting the documents at the time and place of their choice.

The expertise of our team follows not only from theoretical knowledge and continual development of our skills, but also from extensive practice and experience in bookkeeping services. MARSOLA owners have started an accounting office in 1993, while running their own businesses since 1978. This gives us a wide perspective and thorough understanding of various industries and business lines our accounting office works with.

To meet clients’ needs, MARSOLA Accounting Office is networking with other business partners: a legal advisor’s office, an occupational medicine office and an OHS training firm.

We are certified to offer bookkeeping services and – as required by the law – we have a professional indemnity insurance arrangement with PZU S.A.

We are a member of the Accountants Association in Poland (SKwP).

We are looking forward to doing business with you
MARSOLA Accounting Office Team